Terms & Conditions


1. Participants must be 18 years of age or older.


2. A service fee applies to all of ROUNDERS ELITE POKER events.


3. The game played at ROUNDERS ELITE POKER events is NO LIMIT TEXAS HOLD’em . On occasions OMAHA might be included.


4. Game rules are in play at all ROUNDERS ELITE POKER events and such rules are available from our Tournament Directors or a TDA copy could be found HERE


5. All ROUNDERS ELITE POKER events are self dealt, unless advertised otherwise, meaning the person on the dealer button is required to deal the poker hand for that round of play.


6. Chips used at ROUNDERS ELITE POKER events have absolutely no monetary value. They CANNOT be exchanged for cash or any currency as prohibited by law.


7. The Format of the ROUNDERS ELITE POKER events and prizes can be changed at any point in time by ROUNDERS ELITE POKER without notice to participants.


8. Any participant suspected or caught to be colluding, cheating or behaving inappropriately by the Tournament Director or fellow players or the Rounders staff may be disqualified from the league and may be excluded from future participation in all of ROUNDERS ELITE POKER events.


9. ROUNDERS ELITE POKER has the sole right to disqualify any participant from all ROUNDERS ELITE POKER events should they bring disrepute to the Rounders brand and games.


10. Players agree that  ROUNDERS ELITE POKER has the right to promote the player as a major sponsor for marketing and promotional purposes for a period of two years from the date of winning our major prize at no cost to ROUNDERS ELITE POKER.


11. Players agree to be photographed whilst they are participating in any ROUNDERS ELITE POKER event held at any authorised venue and agree to the publication of those images in various forms of media and agree to waive any rights that they may have in that regard.


12. Any or part thereof of these rules may change without notice.


13. All event rulings and decisions are left solely with the Tournament Director. They will settle all disputes and their decisions are final. Their decision will be made in keeping the best interests of all in mind.


14. Rounders Elite Poker reserve the right to cancel a game/tournament if there are only 5 or less players registered by 30 minutes after scheduled starting time.


15. Unless stated "ALL CASH" in advance, prize pool for each tournament will include some tickets (generally 10% - 15% of total prize pool).  These tickets are either accumulator tickets or full tickets to specific Rounders Major Events. 

16.  Any  result listings of the payouts  for each tournament are ALWAYS reflecting the actual money/prizes  that players received, not the original  payout structure prepared by Tournament Director.  As players would  most likely make deals between each other.


17. All ROUNDERS ELITE POKER  games & tournaments are exclusive to Club Five Dock RSL members only.  Membership renewal is now available online. Please visit club website:  www.clubfivedockrsl.com.au